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What our patients say

Secure packaging

So easy to order my medication. It is delivered in well packed boxes which are strong to protect the contents. My repeat medication is delivered within two or three days.

Melissa H

No need to que again

I totally love Medicines by Post! Saves so much time and hassle. Rather than going to Pharmacy again if they have ran out of stock. My repeat medication is delivered to my door

Khan B

No need to be in for delivery

Very convenient and useful considering the varying hours that I work, the ability to leave with a “Trusted Neighbour” is excellent.

Simon R

Delivered to my door

I can never get through to my doctors and going it is a nightmare to park, plus the waiting time at the pharmacy is at least 20 minutes. Medicines by Post is brilliant, I just order and my medication is delivered very quickly to my door. So glad I found you.

Pat A

Totally Dependant

I am totally dependant on Medicines by Post because I trust you to remind me and always deliver at the right time

K Acheampong

Great reminder service

Always have medicines on time when I’m close to running out! The reminder service is great and I never forget to order. Thank you.

Karen L

Managing elderly parents prescriptions

I have been sorting my Fathers prescriptions out for a while but sometimes life got so busy and making sure that I got to the surgery on time before they closed and then going to the Chemist, it was becoming a chore, now Medicines by Post have made my life so much easier.

Jack J

Busy mum, working full time

Working full time and being a busy mum I find Medicines by Post much more convenient for getting my regular medication. I simply request medication via email and then within a few days it’s delivered to me at home, free of charge. Fantastic service.

Maxine A

Mobility Issues

Due to my mobility issues i find it difficult to go every month to the Doctors Surgery and then to the pharmacy which does cost me. I totally love Medicines by Post as it saves me a lot of money and time and i get my medication straight to my door.

Andrea B